Post COVID-19

Rules for use of greens during lockdown

BOOKINGS AT THIS TIME:   Contact Rob on 0416 286 978 or


Bowls Victoria and Bayside Council have announced that bowling can take place under strict rules.

So Hampton will be opening its greens under the rules, and under supervision from committee members and volunteers.

Hampton full bowling members are permitted to go back on the green for a “roll”. However this is subject to strict guidelines which will be monitored by a “manager” who will attend each session, and it is not encouraged at this stage for people who feel they are in a vulnerable health state.  You must wear a mask at all times.

You need to book your attendance by contacting Rob Coulson on or 0416 286 978. You cannot visit without booking in advance. The Rules for use of the greens and the opening times are below

The clubhouse will not be open. It is suggested that, if you have not yet picked up your bowls from a locker, that you let us know that you need to do that when you make your rink booking, and then keep them in your car.


ROLL UP REGULATIONS–this is what you need to know

1. Arrival Information
□ Have you booked a session? Not allowed to enter without contacting our booking officer–Rob Coulson 0416 286 978
□ Players should arrive 10 minutes prior to commencement of their session.
□ Please ensure you have your own personal sanitizer which should not be shared.
□ Bring your own water bottle. Shared water coolers not in use.
□ No more than 2 bowlers should enter the locker rooms to retrieve their bowls.

2. On the green
□ There must be at least 1.5 m between rinks in use.  Maximum 10 players per green (2 greens currently)
□ Each RINK will have 2 mats & 2 jacks which will be cleaned with disinfectant prior to commencement.
□ There will be no rolling of the jacks. Instead jacks will be positioned by using your shoe or lifter.
□ Nominate one bowler on each rink who will be responsible for placement of jacks & mats.
□ No more than 2 bowlers on a rink , but limited to a maximum of 10 persons on the green (two greens are open)
□ Scoreboards will not be in use.
□ DO NOT handle other bowls or share cloths & measures.


□ Clean the mats & Jacks
□ depart the club within 10 minutes of finishing your session

□ Bowlers should practice Covid-19 Safe Hygiene at all times. Members in a high-risk category should strongly consider whether they should or should not be playing as per their own circumstances and/or medical advice. All bowls clubs are limited to practice at this stage and no organised competition