U3A and Seniors

When faced with retirement, some seniors want to learn new things, and the gentle exercise offered by bowls is both stimulating and good for their health. “The X factor is that they all seem to get on so well socially, because they are all ‘in the same boat’, so to speak.”

Seniors enjoy positive outcomes

A typical two-hour Bayside U3A and Seniors session at Hampton Bowls Club includes:

  • Chatting about a topical issue in bowls that week e.g. “In a match on Saturday this situation happened – what would you do?”
  • Exercises suited to the students’ abilities and progress with a particular theme e.g. playing ‘second’.
  • Playing a game of pairs, triples or fours.
  • Covering rules or etiquette over a cup of coffee in the clubhouse……

……and definitely not forgetting the coffee!

Everyone involved with this venture agrees it has been very positive for the wellbeing of the students, the development of the club itself as new members come in, and the way it fits in to the U3A courses for mind and body.

Every Wednesday

Call Rob Coulson on 0416 286 978 to join in