New to Bowls

So you are interested in finding out more about bowls and Hampton Bowls Club is just the place to get started!

What are my playing options?

Casual or Social Bowls

Hampton Bowls Club provides options for those who want a casual or social game of bowls:

Barefoot and fun bowls

Merchants Cup

Competition Bowls

If you want to be involved in the competitive sport, then these options are for you:

Competition bowls

How about the Etiquette of Bowls and the Laws?

The bar staff have a free booklet for you about these aspects of Lawn Bowls—just ask for a copy.

And they also have some flyers on how to get the best out of Hampton Bowls Club.


We have three friendly coaches with National Accreditation.

Group or one-on-one sessions can be offered,

Just register at the club bar and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your lessons
or call/email us: or call on 9598 5056

It’s free, so…just ask!

How do I get Started?

» How to Get Started with Bowls at Hampton Bowls Club « click on the link, fill in the form and we will contact you.